M&W PROJEKTENTWICKLUNGS- UND REALISIERUNGS GmbH offers unique, high quality properties for sale or rent in and around Zell am See, with no brokerage fees. Founded in 2011 by master builder Leonard Winkler and local businessman Hermann Mosshammer, the company is the only resource you need to find your ideal property in this top dual season resort. Whether you wish to live here or invest in the thriving residential or tourist infrastructure, M&W provides local knowledge, expertise and a selection of attractive properties to suit your needs.



With over 30 years’ experience in the  sector, Leonard Winkler has constructed nearly 100 buildings, making Baustudio GmbH one of the area’s leading developers.



The renowned Café Moßhammer in Zell am See’s main square, run by the Mosshammer family since 1930, is just one of several cafés owned by Hermann Mosshammer, who additionally owns a range of commercial and residential properties in and around Zell am See.


Business Partner

All our business transactions and contracts are dealt with by our legal team at Kinberger-Schuberth-Fischer Rechtsanwälte-GmbH.